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Independent, Specialist Advice

Our independent specialist advice ranges from recommendations for the coming year's programme, or one aspect thereof, to a permanent position on the farm management team, assisting with cropping and pastoral programmes over the long-term. The benefits of our independent, specialist advice include:

  • Access to the latest information on new developments and trends in pastoral, crop and forage programmes, including new seeds, nutritional products etc.

  • Access to products before general release - seeds, fertiliser, and chemicals.

  • Non biased advice - we will recommend the best product for the job - we have no allegiance to specific product brands or companies.

  • Willingness to work with other business advisors.

  • Opportunity for farm visits to see different seeds growing and to discuss the results with the farmer.

  • Access to our wide network of agricultural professionals - agronomists, contractors etc.

  • Recommendations backed up by data, experience and on-going trial work.

Field Services - Monitoring

We will develop and implement a comprehensive monitoring system so that all aspects of your pastoral and forage programme can be tracked and measured, and appropriate responses put in place. Monitoring checks apply to plant growth, weeds, insect burdens.

  • Ensures farm management decisions are based on fact.

  • Identifies problems in the early stages.

  • Allows for cost/benefit analysis.

  • Accurate measure of the success of the programme.

  • Assists with future planning.

Soil, Plant and Feed Analysis

A thorough physical and scientific analysis of the soil, plant and feed is undertaken throughout the growing cycle.

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