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Herbs are generally used as an additive to pasture mixes, but may be used to provide specialised summer autumn finishing feeds in mixtures with grasses such as timothy. They are generally deeper rooted and heat tolerant and can provide high quality beneficial feed to the grazing animal.


Chicory is a summer active, highly palatable perennial herb which is regarded as a valuable addition to most pasture seed mixes. Chicory has broad leaves and a long thick tap-root with an exposed crown. The crown regenerates shoots which in turn develop their own roots. This crown can be damaged by heavy winter treading and over-grazing. Chicory will tolerate a wide soil pH range but grows best in a range of pH 5.5-6.0.

Chicory is often used to help prevent summer root pulling of ryegrass based pastures. Chicory is best shallow sown and when soil conditions are warm. When used in finishing mixtures chicory should always be sown with a suitable legume such as red and white clover. >> View Catalogue


Plantain is a palatable, mineral rich perennial herb with a deep fibrous root system enabling good heat and drought tolerance, and which is generally recommended for use in lower fertility dryland pasture mixes. It is slightly tolerant to grass grub damage, will tolerate low phosphorus and potassium soils and grows within a broad soil pH range of 4.2 - 7.8. It will not tolerate swampy soils. Often used with chicory for use in deer mixtures. It has nearly twice the uptake of Selenium and triple that of Copper compared to ryegrass and provides higher levels of Calcium, Sodium and Zinc in the diet to the grazing animal. >> View Catalogue


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