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White Clover

White clover is the base legume of New Zealand's pastoral system - frequently used in pasture mixes to fix nitrogen and to provide high quality forage. Best used on moderate to highly fertile soils. Spreads predominantly by stolons and by forming roots at the stolon nodes to form new plants. Regeneration by seed under lax grazing also occurs. Lax infrequent grazing is recommended for the large leaved types and close frequent grazing for the small leaved types.

White clover is susceptible to shading during development so do not let newly sown pastures become too rank. If clover root weevil is a problem consider using higher sowing rates and additionally add chicory and red clover to the mix. Consider also mixing large leaved with medium leaved varieties in the mix, or medium and small leaved varieties where this management is required. >> View Catalogue

Red Clover

A short-lived tap-rooted legume used in pasture mixes to provide high quality summer forage. Flowers later than white clover. May persist 2-4 years in mixed pastures and up to 5 years under favourable conditions. Performs best under low stocking rates, long summer rotations, or hay production. Red clovers contain phyto-oestrogens so should not be fed as a pure sward to breeding stock immediately prior to and during mating. Highly preferred by deer.

Tetraploid types usually have larger leaves but their larger florets cause difficulty with pollination, leading to poorer seed set and poor re-establishment. Spreading types need lax grazing to allow development of daughter plants from horizontal stems. Mix well with specialist herbs such as chicory. >> View Catalogue

Sub Clover

Sub (or subterranean) clover is an annual legume, suited to dry summer conditions. It has better winter growth than white clover and must be allowed to reseed to persist. Sub clover is often mixed with white clover to sow in summer dry hill country areas. >> View Catalogue

Annual Clover

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Other Clover

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